Getting dagcoins is now easier than ever!

Dagcoin Gift Card is the ideal present for your friends and family

Instantly send a digital gift card to someone you care about.

Send as eGift card


Order the gift card today and hand it over in person.

Get the physical card


Choose the amount

You can choose your gift card value from a number of various predefined values.

Buy globally, use anywhere

Send Dagcoin gift cards to your friends all around the world, no matter where they are.

Gift that lasts

The gift cards usually expire in less than a year. Make a gift that lasts for 50 years!

The easiest way to get into crypto

Acquiring cryptocurrency has always been a difficult process.

You had to download complex software or trade on inconvenient exchanges to finally get your coins.

Choose between a digital or physical Dagcoin Gift Card.

Gift it to a family member, friend or someone else you love.

They can redeem the gift card and receive the dags to DagWallet.

They can use dags for everyday purchases and transactions!

Growth in value

The trouble with most gifts is that they lose value over time.

The crypto market has seen a huge growth in value over the past 3 years. If this growth continues, the Dagcoins you give someone today could be worth much more in the future.